Who is the first man stepd on the moon?

I need to know the date, and details as well.

Posted By:  cripton     December 3, 2014  
  •   Best Answer:  Apollo 11's mission was to land two men on the moon. They also had to come back to Earth safely. Apollo 11 blasted off on July 16, 1969. Neil Armstrong, Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin and Michael Collins were the astronauts on Apollo 11
      December 3, 2014     anne     6
  • Neil armstrong is the first man steps on the moon.Many related articles are available on the internet and other research paper sites.You can read the books or article related to this topic.http://ukresearchpaperreviews.com/
      February 18, 2015     cathytreat     2
  • Neil armstrong
      March 12, 2015     dinesh89     2
  • Neil armstrong
      March 12, 2015     dinesh89     3
  • 1
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